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Early Warning Signs and Home Management of Ear Infection in Children


Mar 21, 2023

Early Warning Signs and Home Management of Ear Infection in Children

Ear infection is very common in children. This can be caused by bacteria or viruses. It can affect the outer ear, inner ear or the middle ear, the part of the ear behind the ear drum. Ear infection can be very painful due to fluid buildup or inflammation. Due to the painful nature of it, parents normally become disturbed. Know home management and the warning signs of ear infection in children and some home management of ear infections.

Ear infection can be sudden onset or chronic. The sudden onset of acute ear infection is very painful but does not last long. Chronic ear infection can last longer or does not cure forever.

Ear infections are painful and very common in children. By the age of six, most children have grown out of ear infections. Since it’s common in children, every parent needs to know home management and early warning signs of ear infection to be able to rule it out easily.

Risk factors

1. Being in day-care

2. Exposure to cigarette smoke

3. Using a pacifier

4. Low birth weight

5. Changes in temperature

6. Recent illness

7. Being a male

8. Allergies

9. Sinus infection

10. Cold

Signs and symptoms of ear infection in children

1. Ear pain

2. Rubbing their ear

3. Not reacting to certain sounds

4. Pulling their ear

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5. Pus drainage from the ear

6. Loss of appetite

7. Restlessness

8. Losing balance frequently

9. Headaches

10. Restlessness

Home management of ear infections in children

1. Keep the child hydrated

2. Apply warm compress on the affected ear

3. Don’t allow the child to sleep or lye on the affected ear

4. Avoid activities that increase pressure in the ear, such as the child shaking the head or putting the finger in the affected ear.

5. Avoid exposure of the child to second-hand smoke

Complications Of Ear infection in Children

1. Brain abscess

2. Facial paralysis

3. Problems with speech and language

4. Mastoiditis

5. Meningitis

6. Hearing loss

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