University sacks senior member over fake certificates as VC, registrar fight over him

      University sacks senior member over fake certificates as VC, registrar fight over him

      University sacks senior member: The C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences has terminated the appointment of a Senior Assistant Registrar, Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu, for presenting fake certificates.

      The University has also ordered Dr. Boadu to refund the monies paid to him as salary and allowances for the one year he worked with the University.

      The decision of the university is contained in a termination letter addressed to Dr. Boadu dated January 9, 2023. It also ordered Dr. Boadu to “stop parading himself as a staff of the University”.

      “You are also required to refund all the salaries and allowances you fraudulently drew from the University from December 2021 to December 2022 to the C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences GCB Bank Account number: 9021130002211.

      “The amount you are required to refund is Two hundred and thirty-one thousand, One hundred and Eighty-two Ghana Cedis, Sixty-Four Pesewas (231,182,64.00). You may submit a payment plan to cover the full amount paid to you to the Director of Finance not later than January 15, 2023,” the university’s registrar, Dr. V.A. Ankamah Lomotey, wrote.

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      The university’s Governing Council, through its Chairman, Professor Gordon A. Awandare, told the Ghana Tertiary Education (GTEC) that Dr. Michael Boadu’s Bachelor of Laws and Master of Public Administration certificates from the University of Ghana were not genuine.

      This was in response to a petition to GTEC by one Joseph Weguri, a resident of Navrongo, who said Dr. Boadu was not qualified to be an employee of the University.

      “Michael Adusei Boadu was unable to present the certificates until late last year when he presented them to the Vice-Chancellor. Few weeks thereafter, the Appointments and Promotions Board met and invited him to present the certificates in person. It was at this point that suspicions were raised after the examination of the certificates. A request for verification of his LLB and Master of Public Administration certificates from the University of Ghana revealed that the said certificates were fake,” Prof. Gordon A. Awandare told the Commission.

      Vice Chancellor says demand for documents a witch-hunt

      When a deputy registrar at the university wrote for the third time on September 9, 2022, to demand Dr. Michael Boadu’s academic credentials, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot, said the continuous demand for the original certificates and other academic credentials of Dr. Michael Boadu was nothing but a display of personal vendetta.

      “I am compelled to specifically ask you to put an immediate stop to the repeated memos you are writing to Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu to submit documentation from Valley View University under the disguise of following up on a non-existent request for it by the Senior Member Appointment and Promotions Board,” the Vice-Chancellor said in an internal memo dated September 16, 2022.

      “As I write,” said the Vice-Chancellor, “I am even doubtful that it is the Registrar who has been asking you to write and sign such letters on his behalf after the discussion I had with him and also because it has never been a decision taken by Senior Member Appointment and Promotions Board as you keep referencing. I am copying members of the Snr Member Appointment and Promotions Board to keep them informed about how you are trying to use(sic) referencing them to achieve whatever you have on your sleeves.”

      The Registrar of the University responded to the Vice-Chancellor, reminding him that the Deputy Registrar, Suuk Laar, was only performing his duty as conferred on him as the secretary to the Appointment and Promotions Board.

      “It is worth noting that the Zoom interview of Dr. Michael Adusei Boadu was conducted on 27th October 2021, a little over 10 months now. This period is long enough for him to produce his certificates for inspection. Refusing to respond to legitimate letters and further delays breed suspicion. Dr. Boadu has an enviable academic achievement that includes a Ph.D., three master’s certificates, and a Bachelor of Laws degree.”

      “Why should he have any difficulty to have these inspected?” the Registrar asked. “I wonder why it should be the Vice-Chancellor rather than Dr. Boadu raising concerns.”

      Meanwhile, the petitioner, Joseph Weguri, has dragged the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar to court over their appointments, stating that they are “over-aged.”

      He further states that the failure of the two to inspect the academic credentials of Dr. Michael Boadu until over GHS 200,000 was paid to him shows that both are “incompetent.”

      The Fourth Estate called some principal officers of the university to confirm whether Dr. Boadu had made arrangements for the refund as directed by the registrar in his termination letter, but they declined to respond.

      Dr. Boadu could not be reached since Sunday, April 24, 2023, despite promising earlier to make himself available for an interview with The Fourth Estate. Subsequent text messages to him have gone unanswered.


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