Stress: The Silent Danger

      Complications of stress are:

      1 . High blood pressure

      2 . Stroke

      3 . Heart diseases

      4 . Mental health disorders

      5 . Obesity or eating disorders

      Stress has ruined so many people’s lives. Do not allow it to ruin your life as well, control it and live longer with the measures outlined below.

      Stress is a normal reaction that happens to everyone. Even though the human body is designed to experience stress and react to it, over stressing one’s self can have a negative effect on the body. Stress is any change that causes physical, emotional and psychological tension. This can happen as a result of any event or thought that can make one feel frustrated, angry and/or nervous.

      One’s ability to cope with stress depends on his or her genetics, early life events, social and economic situation or circumstance and the individual’s personality. When one encounters stress, the body produces stress hormones that trigger flight or fight responses and activates the immune system.

      Stress hormones come back to normal immediately the stressful event is over. Stress can help individuals to achieve their goal or target. However, too much of it has a negative impact on the individual’s health. Stress can leave one in a permanent state of flight overwhelmingly or unable to cope.

      Causes of stress

      1 . Financial situation

      2 . Parenting

      3 . Work

      4 . Personal relationship

      5 . Unable to accept a situation

      6 . Sickness

      7 . Too much labor

      Signs and symptoms of stress

      1 . Anger

      2 . Anxiousness

      3 . Sadness

      4 . Depression

      5. Fear

      6. Irritation

      7 . Sweating

      8 . Palpitations

      9. Belching or bloating

      10 . Pains

      11 . Rapid breath

      12 . Headache

      Prevention of stress

      1 . Eat a healthy diet

      2 . Drink a lot of fluids

      3 . Exercise regularly

      4 . Practice relaxation techniques

      5 . Reduce or do away with triggers of stress

      6 . Know yourself and your limits

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