Short Code To Check Sims Registered With Your Ghana Card By NCA

      Short Code To Check Sims Registered With Your Ghana Card By NCA

      The National Communications Authority will launch a short code to check sims that are registered with your Ghana card. The National Communications Authority has disclosed that the short code will be ready by the end of April 2023. Below is the press release by the NCA on their verified social media platforms.

      “The NCA and the Telcos have already been actively working on a short code for Individual Subscribers to verify the number of SIMs associated with a Ghana card; you just type the short code on your phone, and after a verification process using your Ghana card pin, the number of SIMs associated with the Ghana card will be displayed.

      There will be no need for subscribers to physically go to Telco to verify the same when the short code is operational, by the end of April, 2023, after the testing has been completed and approved.”

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      The general public was alarmed when a widely circulated video asked the public to visit the offices of Telecommunication Networks to verify the number of sims registered with the individual’s Ghana card. The reason stated in the video was the fact that some unscrupulous agents of Telcos may have registered some sims illegally using the Ghana cards of clients who went to register their sims.

      Despite the theory propounded in the said video, it is just right for members of the public to rest assured that only their own phone numbers are registered using their own Ghana card.

      Members of the general public are therefore encouraged to wait patiently to access the short code by the end of this month

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