How To Link Ghana Card To Bank Account Online

Effective 1st July, 2022, bank transactions can not be performed without a customer’s bank profile updated with his or her Ghana card, according to the Bank Of Ghana (BoG) directive.

Customers of the following banks have the opportunity to link their Ghana card to their bank account without visiting the banking hall using either short codes or online links that are provided by the banks.

1. GCB

2. Ecobank

3. CBG


5. Access

6. Zenith

7. Fidelity

8. First Atlantic

9. ADB

10. Stanbic bank

To link your Ghana card to bank account online for your bank use the links for the respective banks.
1. GCB: visit or send a whatsapp message to 0202422422
2. ADB: use mobile short code *767*300#
3. Stanbic bank: visit
4. Ecobank: visit
5. CBG: visit
6. ABSA: send a copy of your ghana card (front and back) to
7. Access bank: visit
8. Zenith bank: visit
9. Fidelity bank: visit
10. First Atlantic bank: visit

Customers must read through the website to locate the headlines that specify where and how to link their Ghana card with respect to the links that lead to the home page of the bank’s website unlike the other links that lead to the direct page to link the Ghana card to the bank account.

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