Audition With 1min Recording For Uncle Ebo Movie

Audition With 1min Recording For Uncle Ebo Whyte Movie

The versatile play writer and motivational speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte, is currently recruiting potential performers for his next play at the national theater. The audition is a simple one-and-half minute video recording of yourself singing any song of your choice. The announcement also came with some background about the play writer’s personal relationship with his wife and God. Below is the notice for the audition

I’ll be 40 years married this year and I usually get asked what’s kept me still married and still faithful to my wife. My answer is ‘The fear of God’.
Dribbling and lying to my wife will be easy but the knowledge that God’s eyes are on me always keeps me in check because I seek to honour Him.

And the fear of God has preserved me from many troubles.

It’s the fear of God that preserved Joseph from the scholarship of Mrs Potiphar. If he had taken advantage of the ‘scholarship’ he wouldn’t have been able to live to his fullest to become the one who liberated generations from famine.

Auditions are ongoing for people who want to join my group. Record a 1 and half minute video of yourself singing any song of your choice and send to

Also, my play HUSBAND MATERIAL 7 YARDS will be re-run on #valentinesday Tuesday 14th February at the National Theatre at 7pm.
Tickets are available now at *365*535# .

Uncle Ebo Whyte, who is noted for mind boggling drama filled with comics has promised not fail this time. The play also promised to be a 40 years anniversary package to the couple and their guns. The general public is therefore reminded to prepare for a toast of their lifetime by buying tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment of not getting a ticket

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