All GNAT Members Invited To Join One Telegram Platform

Telegram App, which can contain 200,000 GNAT members, is about to change how GNAT and teacher information is sent down to the classroom teacher and up to GNAT and/or the employer. Download the telegram app to join other GNAT members across the country.

No more scattered platforms for teachers in every district. Telegram can contain 200,000 GNAT members. Download the telegram app to join ALL GNAT members. Click here to join Colleagues,ALL GNAT Members on Telegram . Telegram is just like whatsapp, download it from playstore to join colleagies across the country.

Since ALL GNAT members would be on one platform, there is not so much need to receive the least information from only the district secretary or regional secretary or even the GNAT executives physically.

The Telegram platform would assemble ALL GNAT members in one place, including ordinary members, to enable all complains and inputs reach the hearachy seamlessly as a form of feedback.

The Telegram page for ALL GNAT members has been opened to house all GNAT members in one place for several reasons, including quick access to information and solidarity. All GNAT members are therefore asked and encouraged to download a Telegram app from ‘playstore’ and use the platform link to join their fellow GNAT members across the country.

Click here to join Colleagues, ALL GNAT Members on Telegram

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