5 cost-saving tips worth practicing | Let’s manage the salary

5 cost-saving tips worth practicing | Let’s manage the salary

Frugality simply means necessary cost-saving. Due to income levels, there are cost-saving tips worth practicing in our lives. The word frugal is seen to be a negative side of life. It seems to represent some people who don’t want to part away with their money or valuable items. In fact, frugality goes beyond that and it is and should be a way of life for the rich and the poor. Frugal living is being intentional with your spending . It does not mean trading off your special or favourite branded cooking oil to non-label cooking oil on the open market. It means examining what you desire and choosing to spend less on what does not matter much to you.

Bear in mind, frugal living is a choice in order to enjoy what you desire or prioritise. These are five frugal living tips that are worth practicing in your lives.

1 sell things you do not need
2 walk or bike when you can
3.buy things in bulk
4 skip the saloon
5. Grow your own vegetables


1. Sell things you don’t need
Your closet is stocked with stuff ranging from bags , clothes and shoes . What you have not used for the past six months. Our kids overgrow their clothes, the bookshelves are stocked with used books from high school to university. Convert everything to cash by selling it effortlessly through Facebook, e-bay etc.

2. Walk or bike when you can
A healthy soul lives with a healthy body and through frugal living you can actually enjoy both spending less on transportation and living a healthy lifestyle . If you live a little distance away from your workplace, consider walking half of your trip to the workplace or a bike to the workplace. In so doing, you save some cash for yourself.

3. Buy things in bulk
Living a frugal life is meaningful when you buy things in bulk for the family. There are a lot of things that do not perish, like toilet paper, soap, napkins. You will get a discount at the shop and also make fewer trips to the store. Cook in bulk and preserve it and so you monetise your time and energy expended.

4. Skip the saloon
Yes, you want to look special all the time. That notwithstanding, you can be frugal and still look splendid. Skipping a saloon can give you a lot of money. If you get your eyelashes done twice a month at $ 20 a visit for a year, you will spend $240 . Even if you reduce it to once a month, this tip will save you money.

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5 Grow your own vegetables
This is one action you need to start as soon as you finish reading this frugal tip. Vegetables, carrots, cabbage, you know, are essential components of our diet and you buy them often to satisfy your needs. Enjoy fresh and organic vegetables by growing them in your garden and save that cash for other things.

The bottom line is, to live a frugal life does not have to be a sacrifice. Make it a way of life to fully enjoy what you care about in life. When you control money it is easy to sail through in life.

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