10 Signs You Are A True Introvert; And Damn proud of it:

10 Signs You Are A True Introvert; And Damn proud of it:

There are a lot of misconceptions about introverts:

—Like they’re mysterious
—Like they’re antisocial
—Like they’re lovely


—They’re observant
—They’re emphatic
—They’re attentive

Many cases, being an introvert can actually be an asset. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Motor Behavior found that introverts take a longer time to process information than extroverts.

They take extra time to understand ideas before moving on to new ones.

1. They’re Good Listeners:

Introverts are naturally adept when it comes to actively listening.

We tend to be the friend or colleague you can call on when you’re upset or you have good news to share..
2. They Think Before They Speak:

We only speak when we have something to say, so there is a higher chance that we will have an impact with our words.

3. They’re Observant:

Introverts are especially skilled at noticing introvert qualities in others.

They can tell when a person is thinking, processing and observing, and then give them the space to do so, which makes people feel much more comfortable.

4. They Make Quality Friends:

They would rather have a few close, trusted friendships to invest their time and energy in, as opposed to a large network of acquaintances.

This quality causes introverts to be loyal, attentive and committed friends.

5. They Make Loving Romantic Partners:

Introverts crave personal space to reflect and refuel, and they can sense when their partners need space, too.

After a long day, they’re here to support their partner without feeling compelled to talk about themselves.

6. They’re Thoughtful Networkers:

Being in a large group to meet & talk can be overwhelming for many — especially for introverts.

The strength in networking is not necessarily in numbers.

Aim for a handful not the entire room.

7. They’re Compassionate Leader:

An extroverted leader may be noticeable, but you may see the leader before you see the team.

An introverted leader tend to focus on learning individual skills, passions and strengths.

Use these traits to often attention outwards.

8. They Prefer Alone Time:

Superficial chit-chatter is unnecessary.

It becomes a mental drainer and would much rather go deep on things that truly matter.

Secretly we love when plans are cancelled.

Getting out in nature with a good book is a beautiful way to recharge.

9. They’re Creative Thinkers:

An introvert’s mind takes us places – it envisions the future and dreams ever so vividly.

Doing your best work thinking in solitude. Re-constructing surroundings and view the world with an attention-to-detail lens.

10. They DREAM BIG:

Envisioning the next 10 years with hope & glee.

There isn’t a day that goes by when you don’t catch yourself day-dreaming and get lost in the fact that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

1. Social Introverts

• They don’t feel shy or anxious in social settings, and they may even enjoy them!

• But they feel drained if they stay at them for too long!

• They enjoy their alone time, but like to spend time with close friends as well.
2. Thinking Introverts

• They don’t mind socialising, but they rarely do it because they’re lost in their own mind.

• They find themselves daydreaming alot and may seem aloof.
3. Anxious Introverts

• Anxious introverts crave being alone, even if they’re with close one’s.

• They dislike being around lot’s of people.

• They rethink everything they did while in public and overthink it.
4. Restrained Introverts

• Restrained introverts are reserved, thoughtful, and don’t like change.

• They like routine.

• They’ll go out if they’ve planned for it, but they would be relaxing by themselves.
Which type of introvert are you?

1. Social Introvert
2. Thinking Introvert
3. Anxious Introvert
4. Restrained Introvert

Tag someone a friend below so they can see which introvert they are.

Source: Mr. Pawan

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